Armed Guards

In the July 1984 Festival, for the first time Osho is given an armed bodyguard of sannyasins who have been trained by the State police.

Why are there armed guards around you?

Those guards are the responsibility of the Rajneeshees, I am not concerned. I don't interfere in anybody's life. I have never interfered in any way. If somebody wants to assassinate me, I am the last person to give him any resistance. I will simply welcome him. I will say, "Glad to meet you. Shoot me and let me be free from the body and its cage." But if people who love me want to protect me, I am not going to interfere with their work, either. Those guards have nothing to do with me, they are managed by people who love me.

Now, I am an outsider to both the assassin and the guard. It is between them. They have to settle. I am simply an outsider. last104


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