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Hardware/Software requirements

Hardware requirements:

Minimum: A standard desktop PC with at least 256 MB RAM & at least Dial-up internet access (56k)

Recommended: A standard desktop PC with at least 512 MB RAM & at least a cable modem, fast loading.

Having a computer that loads fast will minimise the browser freezes and a fast internet connection will mean less timeouts during surfing.

Software requirements:

You will only need a browser to surf, no other software is needed, I suggest Mozilla Firefox as this browser is becoming the next increasingly popular browser due to Internet Explorer's lack of security and spyware problems. Firefox allows tabbing so that you can keep multiple websites open in the same window. AutoSurf sites require the browser to have Javascript (for SurfBar)

FireFox and Internet Explorer are commonly used browsers in Surfing. I have not tested other browsers.

Get Mozilla Firefox

Protection from the bad side of the Internet

While surfing, some malicious sites will put viruses and/or trojans in your computer, they can do harmless shutting down computer, stealing your bank information (key logging), wipe your computer's memory, cause CPU-intensive usage of the processor causing it to break. Protect your computer with regular updates for your computer, these links below are all free software. Usually Spyware attaches itself to Internet Explorer and may add explicit or unwanted bookmarks and change the homepage to a certain site. The list below are 3rd Party sites split in categories. Last list update 7/05/2005

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