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Scam information

If you are not new to the industry of PTS (Paid To Surf) on the internet, then you will have encountered several PTS scam sites.

One such example is, the site offers $0.45 up to $0.70 per hour for surfing. The scam is that once you reach payout, your account will be deleted citing "cheating". Unfair? Yup, what can be done? surfjunky Terms of Service's reserve the right to delete your account for any reason.

A part of my own experience into the PTS industry, this site was the first I joined, the guy (referrer) told me that it wasn't a scam (due to my sceptical nature) and was very persistent. I eventually joined a day later, he offered to give me a "surfjunky wrapper" a cheat tool, I accepted it. The customised webpage was a tool that automatically logged into the site and would *stop* the ads loading and had the option of viewing your statistics at the site.

After 2 days, I found it to be really boring, I asked the guy if he got paid, surprise, surprise, he hasn't got paid, nor has any of his friends got paid. I pondered why I got $10.80 per day for doing nothing... I copied the URL eg and pasted into search engine, 244 results at the time, most of them are screaming "SCAM SCAM".

This is the first and easy indication of testing if the surf site is a scam. This does not really apply to sites less than a month old so beware. Practically any search engine with the site name will turn up a result.
Further advanced tests include using whois queries to find out the owner/company of the site.

Another tip to prevent yourself being conned via emails is to keep your email unknown to any individual. Sounds odd? Scammers, phishers, need your email in order to send you email. For example, your registered with PayPal and if you use for email and for money and money information purposes. You would have a high chance of getting a phished email to NO SITE WILL EVER ASK YOU TO CHECK YOUR DETAILS. When you join a program such as PayPal, bookmark the link, never click links inside emails. Links in emails may give you an exact looking webpage but as soon you attempt to log in, you will likely to get log in errors, it is actually an attempt to make you think the site is still working, but in reality the phishers got your username and password and will immediately clean your account out.

I have not been in the PTS for a long time, if any of you know of any blacklists (definite scam sites) or graylists (unsure if scam or not) please email me and I will link the page. They need to be informative and easy to understand for even the computer illiterate.

Be careful, the world has many leeches. Prevention is the best cure. Be wise!

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