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Crash Course in AutoSurfing

Welcome to the industry of Paid to Surf (PTS) or Web Traffic Exchange. When you view Free channels on TV, you see commericals. Why do they exist? Commericals exist since the advertisers sponsor the Channel, so that content you view on your TV is free. This viewing commercials concept is similar on PTS, except you can get a low income from it. The PTS also allows you to promote your websites as part of the web traffic exchange.

They pay you based on Account Levels/Units, the more units you have, the more you get paid per day. Remember, if you do not surf a day for your account, you miss that particular day earnings. Some sites including StudioTraffic offers the option of allowing an admin or your sponsor to surf for you.

More information regarding concepts can be found at AutoSurf Concepts.

List of things you will need at least in AutoSurfing:
Surf the minimum number of sites required and you will be paid a percentage of your account level. Remember, you need to surf for a period of time to get at least 100% unit invested back which can be as long as 100 days of surfing for 1% sites or 20 days for 5% sites. Each account unit has an expiry date, do the math on how much you would get if you join a site and invest.

Regards to investing, if you wish to earn more per day earnings, you have the option to increase your account level in multiples of account units. Be wise on investing as PTS sites see the investment as a 'fee', and most PTS sites do not offer refunds. Look in Scam Information regarding scams in the PTS industry.

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