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What is AutoSurf and do I have to pay out of my own pocket?

AutoSurf concept
Think of the Analogy of TV, the big advertising companies pay large amounts of money to TV station and in return you get to view the TV programs for free with commercials. AutoSurf acts similar to above of viewing websites (adverts), for a certain amount of time each (usually less than 30 seconds). Interested members can click on the SurfBar to open the current site, this opens in a new window.

The program owner makes money when advertising companies big and small pay to have their site advertised in the program, some sites have other programs, each site has their way of making revenue, if they do not have a way, they can not afford you.

Now why would someone spend time to AutoSurf?
The cash! The AutoSurf programs (below) offer a commission based on your account level for automatically viewing a minimum number of sites (if you surfed only one site a day, the program wouldn't make much money!)

The second reason, is that most AutoSurf programs allow members to promote websites of their own choice by "credits", credits are earned while surfing or by bonus. Those websites may or may not be their own websites. Many members promote websites in order to earn money. The program can also be a web traffic exchange where when you view some people's site, they in turn will view yours. When a person is AutoSurfing and becomes interested he clicks to open the current site, he will further read the website content, some others advertise their auction lots, referral links or any website.

Earning cash from AutoSurf programs
You earn a percentage commission for automatic viewing of websites from the program. Most Paid-to-Surf sites offer a free account level to start with, where you do not have to pay at all but reaching payout or upgrading will take a while. Many Paid-To-Surf programs suffer from cheaters who attempt to open multiple accounts and earn the commission for each account without doing their part of viewing websites. This dishonesty means that programs have to offer incentives such as upgrade out of your own money to reach payout or upgrade in a shorter time, this is to dramatically reduce the cheaters not scare you off.

AutoSurf programs themself about profit
The AutoSurf programs must have did the financial math and able to offer commissions to members, they (commissions) come from Advertising revenue, account upgrades and possibly other programs. Otherwise it is unsustainable and will not last long. It is easy to obtain a high profit to cost efficiency due to the automatic nature of the AutoSurf programs, for example you can pay 6.99 for a banner and it will be immediately added to the program without having to call up a person at front desk and wire money.

Yes, risk, when you put money or time in the program, you run the risk of the program running away (taking your money effectively making themselves a scam program), going bankrupt or any reason they get shut down. You will usually lose the effort of surfing and any money invested. However, if you do take the chance, you may get money in return in time.

More on AutoSurf program's concept
When you begin, you may get a free account level, bonus start credits. The page will contain at least "Start Surfing", "Allocate credits" and "Payout" options, the free account you have may last an unlimited time til you upgrade or it may last a normal account unit. The account units are levels of money invested and give a return after the account level unit expires, for example, you invest $10 in a program of 1% per day for a year, that is 365% return or $36.50, you then can reinvest $30 and so on. Some AutoSurf programs allow you to upgrade from your earnings, read their FAQ and TOS for more details. Apart from the earning concept you can assign credits to your site and each website view by others will automatically deduct one credit from your website amount.

Do I have to pay out of my own pocket?
As mentioned above, you will get a free account level, and by only paying from your own money you can increase the commission per day. AutoSurf programs offer incentives to upgrade (curb cheaters), such as higher surf ratio, more referral commission, monthly credit bonus and more. Otherwise you can not pay and just surf everyday and eventually reach payout.
    Glossary of AutoSurf terms
  • AutoSurf; automatic rotation of websites on the whole page.
  • SurfBar; all AutoSurf sites have these, they usually contain, Open Account (takes you to members page in the AutoSurf program), Open site (opens the current site), Pause (or stop the rotation)
  • Account level; it is the amount of money "invested" in the program, some programs give the account level for free, it does not mean they gave you money.
  • Credits; One credit for you allows equals one website view for you if assigned to a website of your choice. Some programs allow you to exchange credits for money, banners etc.
  • Web traffic; is defined as website views (remember, when you assign credits to a site, each view of your website is deducted from your credits til you have no more)
  • Surf Ratio; is defined as amount of sites you need to surf to gain one credit, for example, 2:1, means you need to surf 2 sites to gain 1 credit.
  • Cheaters/exploiters; These people ruin and hurt the program by trying to earn more than honest members through illegal methods such as multiple accounts, programs that kill adverts in rotator
  • Scam program; a program designed to get the most from you with almost no or no return.
  • Ponzi scam; research it on the internet for the story, the summary is that the individual kept paying out for LARGE returns however, it came out of the money invested, many people believed him and he became rich but was bankrupt eventually after enjoying the money himself.

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