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AutoSurf for cash

Automatic Surfing of sites to earn cash!

Auto-surfing for Cash - sites that pay you a % of your account level each day that you surf a set amount of sites. All of these sites are free to join and upgrading is optional - start small if your nervous, I am currently active in all of them (and making $$ everyday!!) *Remember - as with anything in life, there are risks involved here - don't put all of your money into one site and do not invest more than you could afford to lose*

  1. What is this AutoSurf and do I have to pay out of my own pocket?
  2. Hardware/Software requirements and Protection from the bad side of the internet
  3. Payment Processors
  4. AutoSurf sites
  5. AutoSurf sites table
  6. Scam information
  7. Contact information

1 - What is AutoSurf and do I have to pay out of my own pocket?

AutoSurf concept
Think of the Analogy of TV, the big advertising companies pay large amounts of money to TV station and in return you get to view the TV programs for free with commercials. AutoSurf acts similar to above of viewing websites (adverts), for a certain amount of time each (usually less than 30 seconds). Interested members can click on the SurfBar to open the current site, this opens in a new window.

The program owner makes money when advertising companies big and small pay to have their site advertised in the program, some sites have other programs, each site has their way of making revenue, if they do not have a way, they can not afford you.

Now why would someone spend time to AutoSurf?
The cash! The AutoSurf programs (below) offer a commission based on your account level for automatically viewing a minimum number of sites (if you surfed only one site a day, the program wouldn't make much money!)

The second reason, is that most AutoSurf programs allow members to promote websites of their own choice by "credits", credits are earned while surfing or by bonus. Those websites may or may not be their own websites. Many members promote websites in order to earn money. The program can also be a web traffic exchange where when you view some people's site, they in turn will view yours. When a person is AutoSurfing and becomes interested he clicks to open the current site, he will further read the website content, some others advertise their auction lots, referral links or any website.

Earning cash from AutoSurf programs
You earn a percentage commission for automatic viewing of websites from the program. Most Paid-to-Surf sites offer a free account level to start with, where you do not have to pay at all but reaching payout or upgrading will take a while. Many Paid-To-Surf programs suffer from cheaters who attempt to open multiple accounts and earn the commission for each account without doing their part of viewing websites. This dishonesty means that programs have to offer incentives such as upgrade out of your own money to reach payout or upgrade in a shorter time, this is to dramatically reduce the cheaters not scare you off.

AutoSurf programs themself about profit
The AutoSurf programs must have did the financial math and able to offer commissions to members, they (commissions) come from Advertising revenue, account upgrades and possibly other programs. Otherwise it is unsustainable and will not last long. It is easy to obtain a high profit to cost efficiency due to the automatic nature of the AutoSurf programs, for example you can pay 6.99 for a banner and it will be immediately added to the program without having to call up a person at front desk and wire money.

Yes, risk, when you put money or time in the program, you run the risk of the program running away (taking your money effectively making themselves a scam program), going bankrupt or any reason they get shut down. You will usually lose the effort of surfing and any money invested. However, if you do take the chance, you may get money in return in time.

More on AutoSurf program's concept
When you begin, you may get a free account level, bonus start credits. The page will contain at least "Start Surfing", "Allocate credits" and "Payout" options, the free account you have may last an unlimited time til you upgrade or it may last a normal account unit. The account units are levels of money invested and give a return after the account level unit expires, for example, you invest $10 in a program of 1% per day for a year, that is 365% return or $36.50, you then can reinvest $30 and so on. Some AutoSurf programs allow you to upgrade from your earnings, read their FAQ and TOS for more details. Apart from the earning concept you can assign credits to your site and each website view by others will automatically deduct one credit from your website amount.

Do I have to pay out of my own pocket?
As mentioned above, you will get a free account level, and by only paying from your own money you can increase the commission per day. AutoSurf programs offer incentives to upgrade (curb cheaters), such as higher surf ratio, more referral commission, monthly credit bonus and more. Otherwise you can not pay and just surf everyday and eventually reach payout.
    Glossary of AutoSurf terms
  • AutoSurf; automatic rotation of websites on the whole page.
  • SurfBar; all AutoSurf sites have these, they usually contain, Open Account (takes you to members page in the AutoSurf program), Open site (opens the current site), Pause (or stop the rotation)
  • Account level; it is the amount of money "invested" in the program, some programs give the account level for free, it does not mean they gave you money.
  • Credits; One credit for you allows equals one website view for you if assigned to a website of your choice. Some programs allow you to exchange credits for money, banners etc.
  • Web traffic; is defined as website views (remember, when you assign credits to a site, each view of your website is deducted from your credits til you have no more)
  • Surf Ratio; is defined as amount of sites you need to surf to gain one credit, for example, 2:1, means you need to surf 2 sites to gain 1 credit.
  • Cheaters/exploiters; These people ruin and hurt the program by trying to earn more than honest members through illegal methods such as multiple accounts, programs that kill adverts in rotator
  • Scam program; a program designed to get the most from you with almost no or no return.
  • Ponzi scam; research it on the internet for the story, the summary is that the individual kept paying out for LARGE returns however, it came out of the money invested, many people believed him and he became rich but was bankrupt eventually after enjoying the money himself.

2 - Hardware/Software requirements

Hardware requirements:

Minimum: A standard desktop PC with at least 256 MB RAM & at least Dial-up internet access (56k)

Recommended: A standard desktop PC with at least 512 MB RAM & at least a cable modem, fast loading.

Having a computer that loads fast will minimise the browser freezes and a fast internet connection will mean less timeouts during surfing.

Software requirements:

You will only need a browser to surf, no other software is needed, I suggest Mozilla Firefox as this browser is becoming the next increasingly popular browser due to Internet Explorer's lack of security and spyware problems. Firefox allows tabbing so that you can keep multiple websites open in the same window. AutoSurf sites require the browser to have Javascript (for SurfBar)

FireFox and Internet Explorer are commonly used browsers in Surfing. I have not tested other browsers.

Get Mozilla Firefox

Protection from the bad side of the Internet

While surfing, some malicious sites will put viruses and/or trojans in your computer, they can do harmless shutting down computer, stealing your bank information (key logging), wipe your computer's memory, cause CPU-intensive usage of the processor causing it to break. Protect your computer with regular updates for your computer, these links below are all free software. Usually Spyware attaches itself to Internet Explorer and may add explicit or unwanted bookmarks and change the homepage to a certain site. The list below are 3rd Party sites split in categories. Last list update 7/05/2005

3 - Payment Processors

You need a payment processor account to be paid, the following are the most preferred payment processor by AutoSurf sites. Be careful since not all countries are served and make sure you are able to withdraw funds for the payment processor to be applicable!

Get PayPal

PayPal Fees page for US, Canadian Fees, European Fees or Other country Fees
Send Money fee: Free
Receive money fee: Free (Personal Account), 1.9% + $0.30 USD to 2.9% + $0.30 USD (Premier/Business Account)
Exchange rate fee: 2.5%

Get MoneyBookers

MoneyBookers Fees page
Send Money fee: 1% up to $0.7 (USD)
Receive money fee: Free
Exchange rate fee: 0.8%

Get StormPay

StormPay Fees page
Send Money fee: Free
Receive money fee: 6.9% plus 69 cents per transaction (USD)
Exchange rate fee: No exchange rate at this processor, USD only.

Get StudioPay

StudioPay Fees page
Send Money fee: Free
Receive money fee: 2%
Exchange rate fee: No exchange rate at this processor, USD only.
Note: StudioTraffic only.

4 - AutoSurf sites list

The programs listed below are Paid to Surf programs. What you have to do to earn the money is simply to watch the ads of their advertisers for usually less than an hour daily, and they'll credit you with the money according to the amount you have in the account level and the percentages that they promise. The ads are shown and rotated automatically, and you do not have to do anything while they rotate.

Log on everyday, and click on the link (usually says Start Surfing) to display the surf rotator and that's it. No need of any effort on your side except for that. These sites also gives you credits so that you can display your own websites in the rotator, so you can have more exposure for your own site too. One last thing to add, if you refer your friends to the program, they would become your downline, and when they upgrade, the programs would pay you a percentage of what they had upgraded on top of your earnings! So, start telling your friends about it once you have signed up!


    Account provisions and rules
  • $10 Free Account upon joining
  • $5 Minimum Payout and at least $100 Account level (Earnings accumulate at end of month)
  • Payments occur within the first week of the month if requested during that time.
  • 1% per day for 365 days (365% return)
  • Autosurf minimum: 200 sites (Less sites to surf as you upgrade)
  • Earn up to $150 a day per account up to 5 paid accounts! (Read StudioTraffic FAQ for more details)
  • 5 PAID Accounts per person, both first 2 accounts must have $15000 before getting a third.
  • Payment processors: StudioTraffic accepts most payment processors as said in FAQ (Link: Payment FAQ)
  • Site Speed ( link): Very Slow (19th percentile)
  • Web site began in: May (?) 2003

  • Site information and history
  • Currently known as the oldest AutoSurf site.
  • Link: Studio Traffic (New window)
  • Forum link: StudioTraffic Forums
  • First account created on 13th March 2005
  • Second account created on 25th March 2005
  • Response times average: 5 days (16-19 Mar 3 days for Support, 17-25 Mar 7 days for Upgrade, 13+ April for StudioPay) [Help Desk]
  • Events past 30 days (order of newest to oldest): 29/04 site has some login problems.
  • Current: Site is running fine.

  • Earn tips and hints
  • Tip #1: Paypal isn't seen as an option, but you can send a ticket, just need to contain Username, Email and Amount to upgrade.
  • Earn tip #1: Multiple account strategy. Upgrade your first account to $20 at least and you can get another ST account as I have. Once first account is upgraded, click your ST referral link and join. Then you MUST upgrade within 30 days. When you do, your first account receives a 10% upgrade commission. To get more accounts both first and second account must have a max account level ($15,000).
  • Earn tip #2: Multiple account strategy part 2. If you have an account level of $30, you can have your account set to Let Sponsor Surf in Surf4Other for you, this means you do not have to surf, you will only get 0.7% and your sponsor that agrees to surf for you gets 0.3%. Earn tip #1: Multiple account strategy, it means less time spent on surfing twice!
  • Earn tip #3: When you start off with a free ($10) account, you earn $0.10 every day, which will take about 100 days before you can do another upgrade. But when you upgrade, you just cut the days to 50 til next upgrade. When you upgrade to $100 account level, you only take 10 days to reach next viable upgrade unit.
  • Projected earnings based on investment using the excel simulator from StudioTraffic (Link: Excel Simulator). (USD)
    This table below is based on starting the investment on 1st of Jan 2005, the aim is to reach max account level for maximum profit!
    Own cash - total amount if you are upgrading from your own money
    Fee for #1 - You put your own cash in the first Account #1
    Fee for #2 - As above, you are putting cash in your second account #2
    Max date - The earliest you reach the maximum account level for #1 account based on using own cash on the first account.
    Max date #2 - The earliest you reach maximum account level for #2, when #2 account upgrades, #1 account gains 10%!
    Total Account Level - The total account level you will have by the latest date of either accounts.
  • Own cash Fee for #1 Fee for #2 Max Date Max Date #2 Total Account Level
    $0Free account N/AAugust 2007 N/A$15000
    $10Upgraded ($10) N/AApril 2007 N/A$15000
    $20$10$10February 2007 April 2007 $30000
     $20N/AFebruary 2007 $15000
    $30$10$20February 2007February 2007 $30000
     $20$10January 2007 April 2007 $30000
     $30N/AJanuary 2007 N/A$15000
    By upgrading, your account will reach the maximum account level more and more quickly depending on your investment strategy!


    Account provisions and rules
  • Site back up.
  • $10 Free SurfPack upon joining
  • $25 minimum payout.
  • 5% for 25 days (125% return)
  • AutoSurf minimum: 25 sites
  • Possible other programs such as Auction, Fill your till, etc but these programs are down during upgrade.
  • Proposed $550 account level max.
  • Up to $27.50 per day.
  • 1 Account ONLY.
  • Payment processors: PayPal, E-Gold, StormPay, ReadyCash (AussieEarner's payment processor)
  • Site speed ( link): Very Slow (2nd percentile)
  • Web site began in: 26 January 2004

  • Site information and history
  • Honest webmistress, only person working in AussieEarners.
  • Link: AussieEarners (New window)
  • Forum link: AussieEarners Forums
  • Joined 17th March 2005
  • Response times average: 1 days (19-20 Mar 1 day for Upgrade) [Email]
  • Events past 30 days (order of newest to oldest): Site back up 19/04, some problems and errors plus a new concept of "SurfPacks". Had surfing problems, usually occuring after midnight server time.
  • Current: Site is fine (if you surf after midnight server time, itll be rough surfing)

  • Earn tips and hints
  • More strategy tips and hints as I understand the site's account and payout rules.


    Account provisions and rules
  • $4 Free Account upon joining
  • $8 Minimum Payout + at least half account level.
  • Paid monthly on 15th
  • 4% per day for 50 days (200% return)
  • Autosurf minimum: 40 sites
  • Up to $400 per day per account.
  • Unlimited PAID accounts.
  • Payment processors: MoneyBookers, E-Gold and StormPay
  • Site Speed ( link): Slow (28th percentile)
  • Web site began in: 24 October 2004

  • Site information and history
  • Link: 4Daily (New window)
  • Forum link: 4Daily Forums
  • Joined 14th March 2005
  • Response times average: 0 (None) [Email]
  • Surf bonus of $0.04 and 4 credits at SurfBar with high chance of appearing.
  • Events past 30 days (order of newest to oldest): Site went down late 24/04 without notice and back up mid 25/04, JimHunt was away, "As soon as my back was turned, trouble started and our fail-safe monitoring services failed to detect the problem."
  • Current: Site experienced problems "out of their control" on the 20 and 21 May, surfing on 22 will reimburse you for the lost earnings on 20 and 21 of May.

  • Earn tips and hints
  • Earn tip #1 (Free account): When you start off with a free ($4) account, you earn $0.16 every day, which will take about 50 days before you can do another upgrade, 4Daily's rule is that you will get the $8 payout not be allowed to upgrade from own earnings, you can use the payout to upgrade. When you upgrade back, you just cut the days to 25 til next upgrade (remember to upgrade before next mass automatic payout or you will get hit by payment processor fees). When you upgrade to $100 account level, you only take 1 day to reach next viable upgrade unit.
  • Earn tip #2: To upgrade even faster, click those $0.04 bonus cash that appears on the surfbar! They can appear up to 6 times (for me), which equates to an extra $0.24 for the day! The surflimit is 80, so search on after 40 minimum surf for those extra goodies!
  • Earn tip #3 (Free account): Do not use StormPay if you wish to upgrade as a free account, the fees will chew about a quarter of the cash out based on $8.
  • Tip #1: You are paid at the set date for the earnings that have accumulated by the end of the previous month, so if you did not earn $8 by end of the previous month, you are not eligible for cash out.


    Account provisions and rules
  • $4 Free Account upon joining
  • $15 Minimum Payout + at least half account level
  • Automatic mass payouts on the 15th
  • 1% per day (free account) til $25 minimum, 3% per day (upgraded account) for 50 days (150% return)
  • Autosurf minimum: 80 sites
  • Up to $480 per day per account.
  • Unlimited PAID accounts. (No bonus paid for having yourself as a referral under you)
  • Payment processors: PayPal, E-Gold and StormPay
  • Site Speed ( link): Very Slow (15th percentile)
  • Web site began in: 22 January 2005

  • Site information and history
  • Link: CobraPay (New window)
  • Forum link: Site does not have a forum.
  • Joined 20th March 2005
  • Response times average: 1 (24-25 Mar 1 day for Help, 13 May for History help) [Web contact]
  • Surf bonus of $0.015 and 4 credits at SurfBar with moderate chance of appearing.
  • Events past 30 days (order of newest to oldest): Occasional surf problems.
  • Current: Site is running fine.

  • Earn tips and hints
  • None at the moment.

Pay Simple

    Account provisions and rules
  • $5 Free Account upon joining
  • $25 Minimum Payout (Free account), $15 Minimum Payout (Upgraded account)
  • Automatic Mass Payouts on the 15th, Payouts will occur after 5000 members (1029 at this time).
  • 5% per day for 30 days (150% return)
  • Autosurf minimum: 100 sites
  • Surf bonus of $0.02 and 5 credits at SurfBar with rare chance of appearing.
  • 1 Account per computer per person
  • Payment processors: PayPal, E-Gold and MoneyBookers
  • Site Speed ( link): N/A
  • Web site began in: 1 March 2005

  • Site information and history
  • Link: Pay Simple (New window)
  • Forum link: Pay Simple
  • Joined 20th March 2005
  • Response times average: 0 (25 April Referral Help) [Website contact]
  • Very new program.
  • Has other programs, doubler, randomizer.
  • Events past 30 days (order of newest to oldest): Site experienced hacker and domain problems in March. Been having problems, mostly because the site is not automated much at the moment. The webmaster said he has a programmer who will automate the processes of the site.
  • Current: Site is running fine. Has refereral commission problems (when person upgrades, the commission must be added manually) Webmaster found a web programmer

  • Earn tips and hints
  • Tip #1: There is extra cash and credit bonus in the "PTC area", simply clicking the banner will raise a pop up and will be credited after the duration on top popup bar.

5 - AutoSurfs site table

No.Site's NameSurf per DayEarningsAcc StartDays investedRef Coms (F)Ref Coms (U)Payout Min ($)Surf RatioSurf Bonus
1StudioTraffic200 (F), <100 (U)1%$10365?10% 50.5 (F), 1 (U)None
2AussieEarners50 (F), 25 (U)5%$1025?10%500.5 (F), 1 (U) SuperSurprise (site), 25
4CobraPay100 1% (F), 3% (U)$4500%10%25 (F), 15 (U)0.5 (F), 1 (U)4/.015
5Paid AutoSurf100 (F), 50 (U)5%$5300%5%25 (F), 15 (U)0.8 (F), 1 (U)5/.02

Boxes (squares in table) with a "?" means I could not get the detail, usually it is lacking in the FAQ and TOS of the AutoSurf Site. Remember, details can change, I try to keep up to all changes in the listed websites. (F) = Free account, (U) = Upgraded account.

Table Terms:
No. - Site Number relative to list
Site's name - Name of site
Surf Per Day - Minimum number of sites you have to visit to earn the percent (%) of account level.
Earnings - The percent (%) of account level you will get per day.
Acc Start - Account level you start with (Free account bonus on sign up as some sites call it)
Days invested - When you upgrade, the upgrade lasts for a period of days, usually depending on the percent (%) return.
Ref Coms (F) - Referral upgrade commission, in order of 1st to last levels if any.
Ref Coms (U) - Referral upgrade commission, in order of 1st to last levels if any.
Payout Min - The minimum you can withdraw from your earnings, some sites require you to do this instead of upgrading from earnings as a free member. You need to withdraw and then upgrade from "own money". Take into account the fees when you go through this process! I withdrew one time but I was off by 1 cent and had to wait til the next minimum withdrawal.
Surf Ratio - The credit you get per site view. The unbroken law of PTS: 1 credit = 1 site view for you, assign these to the sites you have in your profile.
Surf Bonus - Credits/Cash (Eg 10/0.01 10 credits or 1 cent), these usually appear at the top part of the page, the "surf bar". Some other sites use webpages eg you have to click abuse or a certain link in the webpage to claim your bonus. TOS means that the Terms of Service indicate that there is a surf bonus and since I do not know what it is, I left it as TOS.

6 - Scam information

If you are not new to the industry of PTS (Paid To Surf) on the internet, then you will have encountered several PTS scam sites.

One such example is, the site offers $0.45 up to $0.70 per hour for surfing. The scam is that once you reach payout, your account will be deleted citing "cheating". Unfair? Yup, what can be done? surfjunky Terms of Service's reserve the right to delete your account for any reason.

A part of my own experience into the PTS industry, this site was the first I joined, the guy (referrer) told me that it wasn't a scam (due to my sceptical nature) and was very persistent. I eventually joined a day later, he offered to give me a "surfjunky wrapper" a cheat tool, I accepted it. The customised webpage was a tool that automatically logged into the site and would *stop* the ads loading and had the option of viewing your statistics at the site.

After 2 days, I found it to be really boring, I asked the guy if he got paid, surprise, surprise, he hasn't got paid, nor has any of his friends got paid. I pondered why I got $10.80 per day for doing nothing... I copied the URL eg and pasted into search engine, 244 results at the time, most of them are screaming "SCAM SCAM".

This is the first and easy indication of testing if the surf site is a scam. This does not really apply to sites less than a month old so beware. Practically any search engine with the site name will turn up a result.
Further advanced tests include using whois queries to find out the owner/company of the site.

Another tip to prevent yourself being conned via emails is to keep your email unknown to any individual. Sounds odd? Scammers, phishers, need your email in order to send you email. For example, your registered with PayPal and if you use for email and for money and money information purposes. You would have a high chance of getting a phished email to NO SITE WILL EVER ASK YOU TO CHECK YOUR DETAILS. When you join a program such as PayPal, bookmark the link, never click links inside emails. Links in emails may give you an exact looking webpage but as soon you attempt to log in, you will likely to get log in errors, it is actually an attempt to make you think the site is still working, but in reality the phishers got your username and password and will immediately clean your account out.

I have not been in the PTS for a long time, if any of you know of any blacklists (definite scam sites) or graylists (unsure if scam or not) please email me and I will link the page. They need to be informative and easy to understand for even the computer illiterate.

Be careful, the world has many leeches. Prevention is the best cure. Be wise!

7 - Contact infomation

Any questions, queries about the above, you can email me at
I can also give you free gmail invites, simply ask in the email! You will find me in the forums of all AutoSurf sites listed here. SunFire is the username.
Updates to my webpage below are up to 14 days old.

AussieEarners is now back up, the webmistress has switched back to her old program as the new program was too much. 2Daily I upgraded (compounded) from my free account of $10.40 on the 2nd April and waiting...
Last update: 3 May

Removed 2Daily from the list, I sent them an email from 2nd April and other letters in the past so I think consistent web site problems (surfing problems/errors) plus consistent lack of support isn't pleasant enough for me to stay on and thus removed it from my list here. Speaking of lists, I recently found a list of software protection and scanners and listed them.
Last update: 6 May

Since AussieEarners came back up, they had some surfing problems, timer would go down to zero every couple pages and not open the next page, have to refresh to continue the surfing.
Last update: 11 May

Added when site began for all, was difficult to find when StudioTraffic started (Was looking when site began not when the domain was created). Spoke to a live operator who also goes with the StudioTraffic history of "almost 2 years" so I guessed it is May. Updated software requirements, you need javascript in a browser to surf autosurf sites, not download certain software (other than browser) to AutoSurf as a guy asked me.
Last update: 12 May

Added links to sections on the page, thanks to Mills. In other news, surfing at AussieEarners is ok as of 15/05 after midnight (server time).
Last update: 15 May

4Daily has been down for 20 and 21 May, both have been declared holidays, surfing on 22 May will reimburse you for earnings on 20 and 21 of May.If you missed 21st earnings even after surfing on 22nd, try contacting them in regards to missing the earnings for 21st of May.
Last update: 22 May
Changed the website appearance so that it the current updates will happen now from:
Last update: 15 May

If you think anything useful can be put on this site, email me please, it would be appreciated.


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