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    Bergen Harbour

    P'tite Ardois Bistro

    Google Search

    Elders Weather

    Donna Cycling in Burgundy

    Astronomy Picture of the day

    Lake Brown South of Mukinbudin

    The Alpacas take a Swim

    HD Sunset Drone Flight over Lake Mears

    Drone of the Valkyries

    Norsk bokmal-engelsk ordbok

    Computer Links

    Tom'sHardware Guide Computer Stuff

    Frys Electronics

    SUSE Linux

    NewEgg Computers




    Fire Radio

    SAO e-mail

    Astronomy Links
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    Horse Head Nebula - Meade 14",400D,12 min LRGB

    Far Point Astro - Filters


    Losmandy Gemini 2 Mount

    OZScopes - Telescopes Australia Store

    Spot the Station

    David Levy's Let's Talk Stars by Starizona - Steve O'Meara

    Al Nagler on Eyepieces

    Sirius Observatories

    Sirius Optics

    Astronomy@Curtin Uni

    Curtin Uni

    Australia's BINTEL Astronomy shop

    Arkaroola Astronomy Resort in South Oz Flinders Ranges

    SkyView Virtual Observatory

    Heavens Above.....what satellite is that?

    Astronomy Picture of the day

    Weasner's ETX home page

    Shuttle home page

    Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank

    the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope

    the George Observatory south of Houston

    Land Sea and Sky in Houston

    Ponchartrain Astronomy Society....

    Houston Astronomy Society....

    Woodland Hills Telescopes....

    Starizona Astronomy....

    Clear Sky Clock, Hurricane modeling and path prediction



    Adirondack Video Astronomy....

    Adelaide Optical for all things astronomy and optical

    Jack Horkenheimer StarGazer

    Nasa TV

    Sir Patrick Moore's Sky at Night

    Scope City

    Astronomy Courses Galore

    Sky and Telescope Magazine

    Weather info

    Mars Rovers

    Anacortes Wild Bird and Telescope...

    Cassini Huygens Mission to Saturn

    Celestron Telescopes

    Meade Instruments

    Elders Weather

    Super Novae

    Cepheid Variables

    Gaia Home Page

    Galex Home Page

    VizieR Service Home Page

    Ivan's Cosmology Links

    Martin White's Cosmology Reading List

    Astro Research Papers

    Lets Talk Stars with David Levy

    David Levy's Let's Talk Stars by Starizona - Al Nagler on Eyepieces

    David Levy's Let's Talk Stars by Starizona - Tom Bopp on Comets

    David Levy's Let's Talk Stars by Starizona - Debra Fisher - Planet Hunter

    David Levy's Let's Talk Stars by Starizona - Don Mcarthy - Infra-Red Astronomy

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    M83 Sprial Galaxy.....Hyperstar Meade 14", Canon400D 20x30 sec Stack

    Photography Links

    Greater New Orleans Camera Club

    Camera Stuff

    B & H Photo


    Les Pages Jaunes


    Australian Quarantine Service

    Jet Pets

    Norge Newspapers

    Norge weather

    Norge Ski info

    Bergen Buss Plan

    Bergen Kino

    Norsk Words

    Lufthansa Airlines

    Emirates Airlines

    Scandinavian Airlines

    Norwegian Airlines

    QANTAS Airlines

    Virgin Airlines

    Oaks Plaza Pier

    Trivago - Hotel Planner

    Euro Railway Planner

    SNCF French Trains

    Galveston Texas, welcome Canadian Snowbirds....

    Katrina and Rita Photos

    New Orleans Photos

    Orbitz Holiday Planner

    Google Earth

    Australia White Pages

    Google Maps

    Wave Height in the GOM

    SouthWest Airlines

    Continental Airlines

    Avis RentaCar

    Galveston Texas Canadian Snowbird Apartments

    Euro Railway Planner

    Australian Broadcasting Co

    New York Times

    Houston Chronicle

    Stern Magazine

    All things Nawlins

    Sedona Arizona

    Ontario Ferries

    Maritime Ferries


    Saubel Beach

    Geneology Links
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    LaRochelle ship registries departing for Terre Neuve at Rochefort Maritime Archives...Ou est Le Cornec???

    SNCF jingle

    Les Pages Jaune

    Some new French Geneology links thanx to Alain Le Guen

    Some new French Geneology links

    Some new French Geneology links


    "Donna's Photo Page"

    Chris's Web Site

    French Ancestory Web Site

    Uncle Maurice's Web Site

    Pat's Web Page

    Jason Benoit's Web Site

    Jean Paul Cornec's Cadrans Solaires en Bretagne

    some new Canadian/Nfld Geneology databases

    1945 Census for Settlement of Degrau

    1911 Newfoundland, Census Records

    Newfoundland Geneology Records

    "Cornect Cup photos"

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    Messier 4 Globular Cluster and Antares in Scorpius - Meade 14",400D,10 minuter

    Oil and Gas


    GDF Suez

    Shell Oil Co




    Saudi AramCo

    Venture Production Plc



    BHP Billiton

    Conoco Phillips


    Hess Oil

    Apache Corp

    Woodside Energy




    Origin Energy

    ISIS Petroleum Consultants

    Queensland Gas and Coal

    Kingdom Software for Seismic Interpretation

    Progressive Recruitment

    Seek Oil & Gas Jobs

    Maxwell Drummond

    Urquhart Partnership


    EAGE 2017 - Paris

    Music Links

    Oz FM

    Triple J Radio

    Cajun Radio

    Radio Deutschland

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    Lagoon Nebula from Moondyne Observatory.. Meade 14",400D,6 min exposure

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