Moondyne Observatory


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    Tarantula Nebula 2x2 Extinction-Ionisation Mosaic

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    Moondyne Observatory SCT Telescope on Software Bisque MEII Robo-mount

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    New James Moondyne Telescope Comissioning - 0.5m, f3.8 Hyperbolic Newtonian


    JMT first light Image - Eta Carina Nebula

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    Observatory SBIG STXL11002M (KAI-11002M chip with AO-X) Camera and Filters Spectral Response

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    Moondyne Observatory Narrow Band Filters plus Red Continium and Z band

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    Spectral Response of QHY600 16bit CMOS Camera

    Hubble Optics Telescopes

    ASAS-SN Super Nova Search

    the ASAS-SN Bright Supernova Catalog Paper - V.2018-2020


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers Classical Nova in SMC - ASASSN-20ni


    Classical Nova in SMC - ASASSN-20ni


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers 4th COVID Super Nova ASASSN-20mi


    Moondyne Observatory collaboration with Curtain Uni-Centaurus-A Radio/Optical merge

    Murchison Wide Array Telescope

    NASA SkyView

    Moondyne Observatory collab with University of Hawaii - Periodic TDE ASASSN-14ko

    NASA Release of Anna's discovery

    Anna's Follow up Paper - Rapid X-Ray and UV evolution of ASASSN-14ko

    Chandra, HST/STIS, NICER, Swift, and TESS Detail the Flare Evolution of the Repeating Nuclear Transient ASASSN-14ko
    Chandra, HST/STIS, NICER, Swift, and TESS Detail the Flare Evolution of the Repeating Nuclear Transient ASASSN-14ko


    Moondyne Observatory collab with Curtain Uni-Planned MWA Observations of ESO253-G003

    CASA Cookbook Radio Astronomy Software


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers 3rd COVID Super Nova

    Super Nova ASASSN-20ki ATEL


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers 2nd covid Super Nova

    Super Nova ASASSN-20hg aka AT2020nju


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers Super Nova during Covid Astro-sabatical

    Super Nova ASASSN-20hd aka AT2020ngz


    Moondyne Observatory co-discovers Super Nova during Easter AO-X shake down

    Super Nova ASASSN-19kx


    Eta Carina Nebula in False Colour

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    ASASSN-19hg/AT2019cdb first Super Nova Co-discovery for 2019

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    ASASSN-18abi type 1a Super Nova Confirmation Images

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    The Astronomers Telegram for 9 ASAS-SN team SN Discoveries

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    ASASSN-18tq Confirmation Images

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    Moondyne Observatory Co-discovers Type 1A Super Nova SN2018jky in Galaxy NGC1329

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    Type 1A Super Nova SN2018jky/ASASSN-18aay Confirmation Image

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    Moondyne Observatory Co-discovers Star being pulled apart by Black Hole AT2018dyb

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    AT2018dyb Spectra

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    ASASSN-18pg Confirmation Images

    ASASSN Follow-up Listing

    Sky and Telescope Magazine

    Super Novae

    Cepheid Variables

    Gaia Home Page

    Galex Home Page

    VizieR Service Home Page

    Ivan's Cosmology Links

    Martin White's Cosmology Reading List

    arXiv - Astro Research Papers

    AIP - Astro Research Papers

    Spot the Station

    Ceres Probe - Dawn

    New Horizon at Pluto

    Welding Master Class

    Spencers Infrared Cameras

    Al Nagler on David Levy's Lets Talk Stars

    Comet Lulin

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    Taurid Meteor Shower at Kokerby

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    2015 Aurora Australis at Kokerby

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    Donna's Aurora Australis from Kokeby WA


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    Comet 46P Wirtanen - IRmod Canon6d 45sec Televue 102mm"

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    Comet 46P Wirtanen in Cetus - LRGB (I,IR642,V,B)"

    Globular Clusters

    Clements Cluster Variables Catalogue

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    NGC1866 Globular Cluster in LMC - UV to I Band Composite"

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    LMC Globular Clusters NGC1854, 1855 & 1858 - IR, V & B Band Composite"

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    M119 Globular Cluster - 2 minute exposure - 16"

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    NGC 288 in false colour - HaOIIIUV as RGB

    Spiral Galaxies

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    NGC253 Starburst Galaxy in Sculptor

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    M83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy - 27 minute 4 image Stack - Meade16"ACF @ f6.3

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    M83 Galaxy - 2 minute exposure - 16inch with IR Canon 6D"

  • [IMAGE]

    M104 Sombrero Galaxy - 3 minute exposure - 16"

  • [IMAGE]

    M83 Spiral Galaxy - 6 minute exposure - 16"

  • [IMAGE]

    Centaurus A Radio Galaxy - 4&1/2 minute exposure - 16"

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    Centaurus A RGL, Red Gas poor Elliptical assimilating bluer gas rich Spiral"


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    Eta Carina Nebula IRmod Canon6d through Televue NP101

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    Eta Carina Nebula

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    Eta Carina Nebula - Visible Light with Fringe Killer

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    Horse Head Nebula - Meade 14",400D,12 min LRGB

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    Horsehead Nebula

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    the Tarantula Nebula in the LMC -False Colour IRGB

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    Eta Carina Nebula Ha, Gs, Oiii RGB

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    Observatory Security
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    the Celestron 11"
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    the Portable 3m Radio Telescope
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    Advocate article

  • the Northam Sky

    Northam Sky July 2009

    Northam Sky August 2009
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    M83 Sprial Galaxy.....Hyperstar Meade 14", Canon400D 20x30 sec Stack

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    Antares and M4

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