Cruiser Status List
Last Updated 2005/01/25 13:20 UTC
This list is dynamic, and may contain errors. It is published in good faith as an aid to those seeking reassurance about some of the vessels affected by the recent tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. No responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions from this list. Status information is acquired largely from the Winlink 2000 digital communications network. See for further information. Email questions and updates to Phil phil(.at.) and Steve  k4cjx(.at.)
In the following table, an OK status means that there is reason to believe that those on board the listed vessel are alive and in reasonable health. The messages and Info columns provide some information on the basis for assigning that status.
Note that some of these vessels may have been well outside of the tsunami affected area, and have been placed on the list only because at some point someone expressed some concern.
Last Updated column contains date/time row was last changed in UTC. If blank, row was added/updated prior to 29dec2004, 1600UTC.
Updates are frequent. If you've visited before, please use the reload or refresh button in your browser to ensure you are seeing the most recent information.
phil VK6KPS
Vessel Who Ham Call WL Sailmail Location Status Messages Info Last Updated
Satori Sander, Jane AA1SA Y   Kosrae, Micronesia OK   email rcvd 30dec 30dec 1610
Tigger Ron, Eileen AB8HP Y   Boat Lagoon Marina OK SMTP7755598 on hard (frm traf q) 31dec 0900
Active Light Neal AC7QK Y   Phuket? OK SMTP7742067 from traffic queue  
El Gekko Ruthard DF4EL Y   Knysna, South Africa OK   email rcvd 31dec 06jan 0400
Joeke Michael, Edith DH1MZ Y   Ko Pi Pi Don OK CMQP7735383 mail picked up, posn rept  
Harlekin Norbert, Ingrid DL1YJI Y   Thailand OK   see  
? Bernd DL2GAC Y   Kochin OK SMTP7747380 from traffic queue  
? Sampo DL2MWS Y   Patong Beach OK   email 30dec 01jan 1400
Subeki Christian, Sybille DHS2U Y   Langkawi OK CMQP7770240 RLYC marina, crew in Germany 3jan 0845
? Eberhard DL6YDX Y   Bontang, east Borneo OK 1026_DL6YDX    
Ar-Men Michel FR2AM Y   Phillipines OK   email rcvd 4jan 7jan 0400
Barnacle C John, Jane GW00JI Y   Kilifi, Kenya OK   email rcvd 5jan 5jan 0350
? Albert HB9BSB Y     OK 1281_HB9BSB    
Pangaea Christoph, Susan HB9DTQ Y   en route to Addu OK 4223_HB9DTQ email rcvd 01jan 01jan 1440
Liberty Grace Ed KA1VCQ Y     OK   Bulk carrier vessel  
Tranquillity Mary KB1ENH     Richards Bay, South Africa OK   email rcvd 31 dec 06jan 0400
Vito Vreni, Jean-Pierre KB1HEU Y     OK CMQP7736420 mail sent  
La Cardinala Federico, Valentina KB3IUG Y   Gan, Maldives OK   email rcvd 30dec. 31dec 0030
Infidien Rick, Patti KC0LGO Y WDA5472 Krabi, Thailand OK   email  rcvd 30dec 30dec 1610
Tahlequah Ed, Helen KC2HKU Y     OK SMTP7749306 from traffic queue 30dec 0230
Zephyrus Harold, Diana KC5MNL Y     OK SMTP7738512 from traffic queue  
Advent II Bill, Normandie KD4AIN Y   Capetown, Sth Aftrica OK   email rcvd 31 dec 06jan 0400
Jubilaeum Jim, Carla KD7KPD   WDA4525 Phuket OK SMTP7758063 All well (email 29dec) 01jan 1400
Neva Peter, Linda KD7PND Y     OK CMQP7737469    
Iron Lady Michael, Natalie KD7SVT KD7SVU Y DFVO   OK SMTP7738027 connect 27/12 20:32 - was out of danger area 30dec 0030
Rampant Carl, Bea KF4PHC Y   Phuket 27dec OK SMTP7738077 under way, deep water  
Ahquabi Bruce, Pam KF4WMP Y   Hurghada, Egypt OK   email rcvd 10jan 10jan 0720
Oddly Enough Tom, Ann KG4LAR Y     OK SMTP7659302 in USA  
Psyche Chas, Monika KG6CWR Y   ko adang OK 1773_kg6cwr   30dec 1700
Julia Larry KG6HFI Y   malaysia OK   on hard 29dec 1620
Sunrise Ron, Carol KG8NG Y   Phuket -> Langkawi,MY OK   email rcvd 30dec 30dec 1610
Peace and Aloha Ellen, David, Jason, Eric KH7JL Y WCZ3928 Yacht Haven Marina OK   email rcvd 03jan 03jan 2200
Constance Ed, Lynne KI4AEF Y   Rebok OK   on hard - email rcvd 10jan 10jan 0720
Evie Richard, Carole KK7FH Y   Boat Lagoon Marina OK   email rcvd 31dec 31dec 0550
Te Ni Mike, Jan KM9D Y     OK SMTP7738596 at sea - left Phuket 25dec  
Perky Jimmy, Carolyn KO4YI Y     OK CMQP7765744 mail rcvd 04jan 0110
Famos Oivin, Eva LA3XZ Y   nr Georgetown OK   connect 30/12 02:27 30dec 0230
Voi Voi Ole, Kirsten LA8JIA Y   Kuah, Langkawi OK   email rcvd 31dec 01jan 1400
Fidelio of London Ian, Anne M0BKR Y   Sri Lanka area OK   email rcvd 29dec 29dec 1615
Calypso John, Margo N1MQZ Y     OK   In Darwin, crew in NZ 03dec 2230
Tsolo Phil, Janie N3VEY Y     OK 5409_N3VEY email rcvd 28dec  
Cosmic Muffin Coz, Valerie N6BYZ Y     OK   en route to USA; mail picked up 27dec  
Valhalla Terry, Rose NH6AX Y WTF4017 Kota Kinabalu OK SMTP7739179 Arrived Xmas eve, no tsunami damage  
Joy Hans OZ4ABC Y   Capetown, Sth Aftrica OK   email rcvd 31 dec 06jan 0400
Briet Duco PA1PAD Y PE2280 Kara Beach OK   email received 30dec 0930
Alk Hans, Marijke PA2ALK Y   Nai Harn, Phuket OK CMQP7736529 All well after tsunami  
Borracho Cees, Karola PA3HEE Y     OK SMTP7736982 Red Sea - well out of area  
La Brique Lars, Ann SM5GNI Y   Kuah, Langkawi OK   email rcvd 30dec 30dec 1610
Calmos3 Patrick TJ2MO Y   Chagos OK 1084_TJ2MO At sea Maldives-Chagos  
Monte-Cristo Jean-Leon VA2JLG Y     OK   Back in Canada. Vessel moored and OK.  
St Leger Mike, Doreen VE0MFL Y     OK SMTP7755263 from traffic queue 31dec 0620
Creame Donald, Mike VE0MMK N     OK   vessel beached. Crew OK 03jan 2200
Cristata Terry, Janine VE0MXA Y   Nai Harn, Phuket OK SMTP7743882 email rcvd 5jan 05jan 0350
True Blue 1 Robin, Suzie VK4TAB VK4TAX Y   Similian Islands OK   email rcvd 6jan 07jan 0400
Kahiba Gunnar, Eva VK4ZEG Y ON8565 Ao Chalong, Phuket OK   email rcvd 2 jan 03jan 0350
Crimson Tide Jaap, Dine ZL1JCB Y   Phuket OK SMTP7744148 All OK  
Sojourner Pete, Julie     CFB9446 Thailand? OK SMTP7739175 Sheltered anchorage  
Raptor Rob, Michele     VK4166 Phuket OK SMTP7735282    
Backchat Jock, Ruth     VNW5490   OK   msg via Marc  
Blue Banana Bill, Sam     WCX4381 Nai Harn, Phuket OK SMTP7758060 All well (email 27dec) 01jan 1400
Arcturus Fred, Chris     WCZ6814 Kota Kinabalu OK SMTP7739075 All well after tsunami  
2 Extreme Henry, Mattie     WDA9600 Bass Harbour OK SMTP7754426 email 31dec 0230
Distant Drummer Tom, Tammy     WDB2379 Boat Lagoon Marina OK   from 02jan 0710
? Larry     WSV9037   OK SMTP7739004    
Big Smile Chip     YJS777 Singapore OK SMTP7738561 crew in phuket, ok  
Mopepo         Gan, Maldives OK   Email rcvd 30dec from KB3IUG. No SSB on board. 03jan 1510
Quarterdeck Paul, Sandra       Phuket OK SMTP7738902    
Tri-Odyessy Jerry, Ruth       Telaga OK SMTP7738902 trimaran broke up, crew were ashore and are ok  
Savant Kim       Phuket OK SMTP7739014 crew in HK for Xmas, boat hauled out  
Ingrid Olle, Karin, Nils, Olle jr       Kata Bay OK SMTP7755145 Bar, car, house lost but family and boat OK. 02jan 0740
Pollen Path Randy, Laura       Pantai Kok, nr Telaga OK SMTP7744271 All well 31dec 0250
Ad Astra Ian, Elizabeth       Langkawi OK SMTP7757318 Deep water 10jan 0720
Feel Free Tom, Liz       Langkawi Is OK SMTP7733843    
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