A few links to suppliers and other sites of interest. Note that I don't have any business connections with any of these suppliers, and don't necessarily use or endorse any of them in particular. Having said that, given enough coke and hookers I can be bribed to write all the right things....
Australian Specialty Racecraft make some very nice street and competition oil pans for the Holden six.
Sonic Injection are builders of very high quality EFI manifolds and throttle bodies, as well as main cap girdles and other parts.
Aussiespeed make and supply a wide variety of manifolds and other parts, and are now producing the Cullen Ultraflow manifolds that are highly regarded by speedway racers.
PipeMax is an extremely useful software package, mainly for calculating header dimensions but has many other functions as well. Based on Blairs' proven formulae, it's very good value for money.
Engine Analyzer is just one of the racing-related software packages made by Performance Trends. It's an easy to use engine design program that lets you run theoretical dyno tests to compare different engine combinations.
Ignitech make ignition-only and ignition/injection controllers (ECUs). Originally designed for bike engines but ideal for distributor-less Holden six competition engines as well.
J.Zed Heads are famous in the straight six world, and there is probably nothing that you can do to a Holden six that will give the same performance increase. As well as heads, J.Zed can supply mechanical injection setups, manifolds and other Holden six parts.
This online static and dynamic compression ratio calculator is a useful design tool.

So there you have it, I hope you have found something useful here. If you have comments, corrections or suggestions I'd love to hear from you - send them to If there is enough interest in this page I might even pretty it up with some more pictures.. And as I said in the introduction, I don't pretend that it's 100% complete or accurate, but with your help we can get it close...

Johnno, 25/4/10

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