Serving Suggestions

Here are a few recipes you might find interesting:

The Poverty Pack
This is just a complete VK EFI 202 lifted from a Commodore. Often you can buy the whole car as cheaply as just the motor. When you've taken the motor out sell the wheels and some of the panels then leave it in the front yard as a conversation piece. Your missus will love it. Works well with LPG.

The Economy Pack This one is a cheap and civilised engine with good mileage and performance for a daily driver.
Black 202 block and head, perhaps with a little port cleanup work
9.5:1 compression
Mild cam - say 210 to 215 @ 0.050"
Standard manifold with Weber carb from an 3.3l XE Falcon and hi-capacity air filter (a quicker alternative would be a 390cfm Holley 4 barrel on a suitable manifold)
HEI ignition
Standard cast iron exhaust manifold with a single 2-1/2" system

The Old School Special (aka The Hoon) - A strong performing, sweet sounding nostalgia trip
Red 179, 173 or 186 block
3" crank, blue/black rods
10.5:1 compression
9 port Bathurst/YT style head, 1.7"/1.48" valves, maybe with a little additional port work
235 to 240deg @ 0.050" 0.45" lift solid lifter cam
Adjustable rockers
Triple 1.75" SUs or Strombergs CDs
HEI ignition
1.5" x 30" primary pipe extractors with 2-3/4" collector
A uteload of banjo diff centres and axles

The Early Model Sleeper - a sweet, legal 149 to replace the old grey..
149 block
3" crank
stock rods
Blue 173 head machined to get the compression up to 9.5:1, possibly with a light port cleanup
Stock 12 port intake with Weber carb from an 3.3l XE Falcon
HEI ignition
Mild cam - 205 to 210deg @ 0.050"
Stock 12 port cast exhaust manifold with a 2" single system

The Scream - 250hp+ (for a quicker revving variation on this one try a blue 173 block bored for 186 pistons and 3" crank)
Blue/Black 202 block
Blue/Black 3.25" crank
Blue/black rods
11:1 - 11.5:1 compression
Professionally ported 12 port head w 1.7" and 1.48" valves, or ported YellaTerra 12 port
Fabricated tuned-length IR manifold w/ six Mikuni HSR42s
245 to 250deg @ 0.050" 0.48" to 0.5" lift solid cam
Shaft mount roller rockers
HEI or better ignition (or better still, crank triggered)
1.625" x 28" primary pipe extractors with a single 3" x 15" collector