About the Bizzare

What's this site about? Why did I make it? Well, given the success of General Hawk, Tim Elf et al, I decided to make my own dio site. It's like they're Starwars episode IV and I'm episode I. Ok, more like II - III on a good day.

I don't try to make it look realistic, but I do try to have fun, and I hope you do too - or you die a horrible painful death for not thinking its great. Either one works for me

I use Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks for the computer stuff. I'm self taught so don't ask me how it works.

Visit the JC.com wiki - I help Beav edit it and have written some of the stuff there.

Any Joe character emoticons are taken from Joecustoms.com. They were made by Sapper and Dassaffe for the most part.


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About Me

You can contact me at Joecustoms.com on the boards (my name is Moto-viper would you believe) or at my email here. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or the like - it may take me a bit to reply, but I should eventually. Below are avatars I commonly use - Yagyu Jubei from "Jubei Chan the Ninja Girl". I also go by the screenames of Gotthammer, z0rg and Killmatitic9000 (or variants thereof).

GI Joe and all associate logos/names are trademarks of their repective owners.

Any similarity to any real person, alive or dead is fairly likely, but probably not intentional (or you know who you are).