me Born in Sydney Australia. I haven't found a place to settle yet but always looking and enjoying who I meet and places I see on the way.

My background consist of sports, music and arts and I'm still heavily involed in all three of them.
I grew up playing soccer, basketball, skateboarding and surfing. After high school I pursued my music career as a drummer touring and recording session work through out Australia. After 10 years of this I felt I needed a change, so I went back college to learn computers and on the way I discovered animation.

I've always had a pen, pencil or crayon in my hand. Therefore it felt right to follow this animation bug. I'm convinced that I have made the right choice and now being in the animation industry since 2005 I haven't looked back. I'm always learning and will never stop.

I still play music and have played many styles from metal to hip hop, salsa to jazz, lounge to african.

And as for sport I just enjoy keeping active from anything that is fun and always discovering new adventures.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me.